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We found this bottle of 2009 Domaine Roulot Meursault Narvaux at the Caveau de Chassagne Montrachet on our 2011 Burgundy trip, tasting it for the first time in probably the ideal setting – dining outside at Jardin des Remparts in Beaune. While in Burgundy, we had the opportunity to take a long walk around Meursault among the vineyards and winemaker’s properties, and were enchanted by the low-key and authentic feel of this commune.

View through Meursault doors

Doors at a Meursault property

The unique profile of the town, with its pointed tower of L’Eglise St Nicolas dominating the landscape and the historical perspective of knowing that ruins of a Roman fort sit atop a hill overlooking the town, add to the charm of Meursault. The photos at the upper right of the page may help paint a clearer picture of the charm and beauty here.

At Amitié we enjoy Roulot due to its complexity and ability to transcend the vineyards they produce from; there is a simple purity to Roulot’s wines that’s refreshing in an age where many winemakers are trying to put their own “stamp” on wines.

Here are some notes on the terroir, history of the area and producer, along with some personal thoughts on characteristics of the wine. We invite you to share your experiences as well!

 Vineyard / soil / terroir

Meursault soil generally is a combination of marl (a mineral- and lime-rich mud with clay and silt) and chalk. The Narvaux parcel is stony and is higher up on the slope, sitting above primier crus “Genevrières” and “Poruzots.” Many think it should be classified above its current village level. They practice organic farming.

 Production / Barrel ageing

Fermentation takes place in mostly used wooden vats. Wine is racked after malo and spends 18 months in barrel.

 Tasting note

On first whiff, it brings me back to cellar tastings in Burgundy. I can smell the oak barrels, the fruit and the cellar itself. Medium weight wine with a bountiful initial attack of exotic fruit. The evolution to the midpalate is lacking complexity which then ends with a bit of clipped finish.  The oak is well integrated with hints of hazelnuts, Asian spices and pear. Overall a pleasant experience, however, the bar is very high, and perhaps nothing can top my first bottle of Roulot, which I had the opportunity to enjoy in Beaune.

 Food pairing ideas

We tasted this with a smoked salmon salad we found at our local Encinitas Whole Foods. Our 3-year-old son tasted a sample of the salad, loved it, and that’s probably what inspired the trip to the locker to get the bottle. We are not big on telling you what to eat with what bottle, but some ideas that sound great to us are light fish recipes, particularly with citrus sauces, asparagus, lemon-roasted chicken and creamy pasta dishes.

Want to talk wine?

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